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I have had an interest in dogs since I was a little girl, but when the time came to work I followed a more corporate route.  When I took a career break to raise my children, I sort the opportunity to study the profession I loved.  So over the years I completed courses in Canine Psychology, Training, Behaviour and Canine Sports Massage as well as volunteering for Guide Dogs for the Blind,The Blue Cross and the Cinnamon Trust.  My expereince and knowlege grew to a point I felt I was able to share this with fellow pet dog owners.

I have now expanded my business to cover a more holistic and natural approach, this helps me to offer a wide range of behavioural and rehabilitation solutions.  I am always active in searching out new courses and reading more books so I am up to date with the latest techniques and studies.

I am a member of International Association and Animal Therapists (IAAT) and The International Society of Animal Profesionals (ISAP), both ensure that I have the relevant qualifications and training to offer the best service I can.


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